Why Choose BBCS Payroll in Lafayette IN?

As with most any service or product, you have options. Read below for everything we do to help set ourselves apart from the competition. Give us a try and we know you'll be glad you did.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

100 % Payroll Service Guaranteed Satisfaction

Guaranteed Satisfaction

When we say Guaranteed Satisfaction, we mean it. We have a multi-part written guarantee covering 6 major areas:

Accuracy - BBCS assures our customers that their payroll will be 100% accurate based on the information provided to us.

Service – We provide ALL of our customers with a personal, attentive service that is sure to be a nice change from the automated world we have become accustomed to.

On Time Processing – BBCS will make sure your payroll is handled in a timely manner to ensure you receive your checks and reports are in your hands with plenty of time to review and distribute to your employees.

ZERO Tax Penalties – We guarantee all or our tax calculations to be accurate and on time based on the information provided by you, and if not, we will cover the cost of any penalties or interest incurred due to BBCS’ error.

Call Back Time – When you call BBCS, a real person answers the phone and typically answers your question while on the phone. If not, we will have an answer for you within the hour.

Conversion – BBCS will walk you through the painless process of converting to using our services and make sure you understand any aspect of the process.

Fast Answers

Fast Answers

Call us, and a friendly human being will pick up and provide the help or answers you are looking for, usually immediately. There is no automated phone attendant. There are no organizational layers you have to fight through to get to someone who can make a decision. Our experts – the ones who know your payroll – are the ones answering the calls.


Custom Payroll Service SolutionsCustom Solutions to fit your needs

Do you need some sort of customized service or have unique requirements? No problem! We’re extremely flexible and handle each customer as an individual. We don’t force everyone into the same canned process. We routinely run customized reports for clients.  (eg, Workers Comp reports, Custom Deduction reporting, 401k reporting, etc.)

We can setup customized reports to be included automatically with your normal payroll reports or on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.).  Whatever the need, we're sure we can come up with something that will work for you the way you want it.



We have been in business since 1997 and we have NEVER made a mistake that cost a client a penny. When you consider that we have processed many hundreds of thousands of checks, agency payments, tax deposits, etc. (over 45,000 last year alone) that’s very impressive!

How do we ensure such accuracy?

  • Since every client is unique, we prepare a written procedure for each one. That procedure is followed, line upon line, each time their payroll is processed.
  • As payroll is run, entered hours, adds or deletes, rate changes, deduction changes are all verified against what you submitted.
  • All changes (pay change, deduction change, tax change, a new employee) are entered by one person and then double-checked by another person.
  • All Social Security numbers are verified with the SSA to ensure the number is valid and matches the employee name. This prevents problems for you and your employees later.
  • Every hour submission, document, notice, pay run, report is scanned and archived so we have a digital paper trail.


We are one of the most affordable payroll services in Lafayette. Could you find somebody out there who might be able to beat our price? Possibly. But you won’t find anybody who can beat our service and provide you the peace of mind we can with our systems, technology and expertise that ensure you are always taken care of. When you consider all of that, we are indisputably the best value.


Experience and Knowledge

Two of our employees each have over 30 years experience doing bookkeeping and payroll. That’s one reason we can provide you quick answers and accurate results. Linda is a Certified Payroll Professional and BBCS belongs to the American Payroll Association and keeps abreast of changing regulations through attending meetings, seminars and religiously reading Payroll Currently and Payroll Administration Guide. (Oh, the things we do for our clients!)

Data Security

Data Security

BBCS takes the security and confidentiality of your information very seriously.

  • We never give out information over the phone, email, or fax without your prior consent and authorization.
  • We do not give any information to your employees, only those you designate as an authorized contact person.
  • Our network has a robust firewall to protect against any un-wanted intrusion to our system.
  • The BBCS office is also protected with a security system to prevent against physical intruders and we operate with a “locked door” policy.

Reliable Payroll ServiceReliable. Dependable.

You count on your payroll being done, no matter what. That’s why we are prepared for the unexpected. We have:

  • A backup generator that automatically kicks on in the event of a power outage. As an extra measure of protection, every computer in the office has its own uninterruptable power supply (battery backup).
  • In-house IT Support to handle every day occurrences, and a specialized IT Service to keep us current beyond that.
  • Nightly backups both locally and to secure cloud storage of our entire system give you the assurance that your data will not be lost.
  • The latest hardware and software to ensure the fewest possible problems.
  • A written Disaster Recovery Plan. If some tragedy takes out our office, we have procedures in place for setting up shop elsewhere.

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We were referred to BBCS by a friend several years ago and that was one of the best referrals we have received. BBCS always goes above and beyond to help us and get things completed. We tell others that BBCS provides excellent service and always willing to go the extra mile to help when needed. Staff are professional and courteous and make doing payroll a piece of cake. For us, being local in Lafayette is a great benefit. It's nice to know that we can see you face to face if we need to. I had a phone call last week from a “big box” payroll company wanting me to switch and I told them that we were not interested because we were so happy with our current provider.

 - Amy Harper, Accounting Manager
    Smith Office Equipment

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