Does BBCS file and pay the taxes for our payroll?

Yes, BBCS files and pays all payroll related taxes on your behalf. We provide you with copies of all forms that are filed in paper or electronic form, the choice is yours. Some other companies just prepare the forms and checks then require you to sign, stamp and mail to the appropriate agencies.

How do I get my payroll to BBCS?

We are very flexible in this area. You can call in time, fax in a time sheet, email hours to BBCS or have us call you. We want to make it as easy for you as possible to get your payroll done and processed.

What reports will I receive after my payroll is processed?

The standard set of reports includes a Cover Letter, Cash Requirement Summary, Check listing, Deduction / Benefit reports (if applicable) and a detailed Check Register. Many additional reports are available.

Do I have to sign the paychecks after I receive them?

Not if you don’t want to. We can digitize your signature and have them print on the checks at no additional cost. We can even stuff and seal all checks in envelopes for you, again, at no additional cost.

What are my options for check distribution?

Depending on your location, we can deliver your payroll to you locally in Lafayette, IN, mail checks directly from our office to your employees, FedEx to multiple locations if need be, or you can simply stop by our office and pick up the checks if you like.

What if I made a mistake on hours reported to BBCS?

There are multitudes of ways we can help you fix a problem. First and foremost we would like to help you get the employee paid correctly in the shortest amount of time possible. We can do direct deposit, you can write a manual check based off of numbers we can calculate for you, etc. Call us and we'll present the options and help you find the one that suits you best.

Can BBCS issue more than one check for an employee per pay period?

Yes. Many customers have an employee or set of employees who get monthly or quarterly bonus and commission amounts. We can have more than one check (as many as you like) run with your payroll. We can even hold deductions, benefits, direct deposit and secondary checks if you want.

How many accounts can an employee have setup for direct deposit?

Typically employees will have a set amount going to a savings account and the remainder going to their checking accounts. Although if needed, your employee can have amounts going into as many accounts as they like. They can divide it by dollar amounts or percentages.

What if I want to run a special or bonus payroll, how does that process work?

Just call or email with what you want to run, we take care of the rest. Some customers have monthly bonus runs, some will run bonus / commission runs at intermittent times throughout the year. Want all the bonus checks to be live; no deductions; special tax rates? We can do that as well.

Does it cost to switch to BBCS?

Absolutely NOT! There is no charge for initial startup and setup of your company in our system. (basic setup and input of YTD info is included, however if the customer needs additional help or setup of any accounts with federal or state agencies there may be additional costs incurred)

Do I have to sign a contract with BBCS?

No. You are not locked in. All we require is that you sign our processing agreement that states our rights and responsibilities as well as you, the customer’s rights and responsibilities. We do not require you to sign up for a minimum amount of time. We feel we can keep you as a customer based on our attention to detail, flexibility, and most importantly, our outstanding customer service.

How quickly can I switch to BBCS?

Typically we can have you up and running in no time. Depending on the time of year, number of employees and special circumstances, we can have you ready to process in as little as one pay cycle. The easiest times to make the change are end of quarter, end of year, so that you would start with us at the beginning of the new quarter / year. However, if you are tired of the burden and liability of dealing with your own payroll and taxes, don't wait! We can and do bring new clients on at any time during the quarter or year.

How long does it take to get my direct deposit setup?

Typically direct deposits only take one payroll cycle. However, if we get the information ahead of time we can do a direct deposit with the next payroll. For example, if we just ran payroll today and I send you direct deposit info for payroll in two weeks, BBCS should be able to direct deposit with next payroll.

What forms do my employees need to fill out?

Typical forms would include the I-9 (employment eligibility form), the W-4 (federal income tax w/h setup) and WH-4 (Indiana’s W-4). Other forms could include, direct deposit setup, etc. The only form we need is our Employee Setup Form.

What do I do with the garnishment / child support order I received?

Just forward it to us as soon as you receive these notices and we'll take care of it. BBCS does the setup, deduction, and payment of child supports and garnishment orders. Failure to comply with the order can result in penalties and legal action against the employer.

What does this tax notification mean?

This can depend on the actual notification received. BBCS asks you to fax or forward copies of all tax and payroll notifications received so that we can review and respond if necessary. Not all notifications are bad things; some just include information you need to know.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Call us toll-free now and speak with a payroll specialist who can answer your question: 866-311-2227.

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We like the ease of BBCS’s system, that they get our work completed very quickly, and are willing to accommodate the need to do payroll early. Everyone we have ever worked with at BBCS has been very knowledgeable and nice (so many companies are missing both of those traits). We really like not having to do anything with payroll taxes anymore. I also like the new reports - they are a lot more streamlined and efficient to work with.

 - Ginger Strup, Girardot Strauch and Co.

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