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Searching for a better way to reduce one of your greatest expenses...labor costs?  We offer automated timekeeping to employers to reduce labor and clerical costs, help eliminate errors and make your payroll process even easier. Implementing automated timekeeping is an easy decision for employers.

We offer numerous features and solutions that simplify challenges for many types of companies. Industries such as day care, retail, service, property management, manufacturing, religious organizations, hotel, hospitality, food, medical offices, construction, small business services, and much more are a perfect fit. It is both simple for employers to use and flexible in how it can be implemented.

The time clocks that we offer are top of the line and the latest in time keeping technology.  Whether you need a simple punch in / out system or all the way to full biometric time clocks, we have the options you need.  We even have a simple Webclock solution that you can use without the need for an on-site physical clock.  You still get all the functionality of our timekeeping solution, just simply without a clock.

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Z-Series Flex clocks offer a feature rich timekeeping solution that offers a wide variety of valuable labor management technologies, all at an exceptional value to the employer. Utilizing the technology to use proximity badges and key fobs making collecting punch data a breeze.
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Full Biometric clocks are ideal for employers desiring the combination of biometric employee identification with real-time (Ethernet) data transfer to the web.   Utilizing the biometric system, this eliminates the employee "buddy punching" or employee time theft.
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Don't need a physical, on-site time clock? We offer a web-based timekeeping solution that would be perfect for your needs. All the functionality of a traditional time clock in a web format. Clock In / Clock Out, manage punch data, pull reports, all from the convenience of your desk.
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Flex Clocks have many options, including a proximity-based unit or a magnetic strip card reader. Punch data can be collected through PIN code, proximity badges or a variety of key fobs are available. Either way you choose, we are sure to have a solution to fit your needs.
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"Just a quick word of praise about payroll with BBCS. I had my usual checklist-changes in pay rates, new 401k, etc. I input the updates and figured I'd have to ask for help, once the payroll preview came in. Nope-it was perfect! Your system is intuitive, and I couldn't be happier :)"

 - Peggy Jackson, CPA, Greater Lafayette Commerce

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