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Linda Berryman

Linda Berryman,

Payroll Tax Expert in West Lafayette, IN

The origins of BBCS’s success go back over 30 years ago, when Linda began working in the accounting department of a local law firm.

In 1997, Linda and her husband decided to dive deep into the world of full-time payroll, putting in many years of long hours. “I had done payroll before, but it had gotten, and continues to get, more and more complex.” To get ramped up, Linda became a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP).

“I enjoy this forever-changing industry. The challenge is to keep ahead and become more efficient. We've invested a lot of energy and resources to develop procedures, people and get good technology – and it’s paid off.”

Linda is a member of the national American Payroll Association and the Lafayette APA chapter, where she has served as president and vice president.  She is a board member for AWBO (Association of Women Business Owners) and a member for the Lafayette Daybreak Rotary Club.

Payroll Service

Payroll Service for West Lafayette, IN

BBCS Payroll Service is your local West Lafayette, Indiana payroll solution. Unlike larger companies with their automated phone attendants, our payroll service comes with the personal touch and flexibility you as a small business owner need and deserve; all while providing you the services and options you demand.

We specialize in payroll for the small business owner. BBCS Payroll strives to provide the very best service on a personal level to each and every customer. Offering the access and flexibility that larger companies simply cannot, this is why we say "Simple Solutions. Easy Paydays".

Providing services such as:
- Complete Payroll and Tax Preparation
- Online Payroll with Employee Self Service
- QuickBooks Integration
- Sage / Peachtree Integration
- Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation
- Certified Payroll Reporting
- 1099 payments and filing
- Custom Payroll Reporting




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Payroll in West Lafayette, Indiana

We offer a simple, easy to understand pay plan for all of our clients in the greater West Lafayette, IN area. Our basic plan gives you everything you need for your business payroll needs. These include processing, printing and signing services.

Other features include direct deposit, online access and quarterly reports. We can also customize our payroll services to meet your company’s specific needs. There’s no need to spend hours on your payroll. At BBCS Payroll we are payroll specialists. It’s all we do and we do it well. Leave your payroll needs to us while you concentrate on running your business.

Save Time

Save Time with our Payroll Services 

We’ll make sure your tax reports and deposits are correct and always ready on time. Let us prepare and file your company’s tax returns as well as make back up copies for your records. When it comes to your company’s taxes, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Don’t spend hours doing your taxes yourself. Not only is it incredibly time consuming, mistakes can cost you dearly. Concentrate on your business instead of trying to figure out the latest tax codes and software.

Avoid Penalties

Avoid Payroll Tax Penalties

Don’t DIY when to comes to your company’s taxes. Whether it be at the federal, state or local level, figuring out all of your company’s payroll taxes and filing them yourself isn’t just time consuming, it can be risky as well.

If you make any mistakes, you could end up paying dearly for them in the form of penalties and additional interest. You can try to cut corners and handle things yourself, or you can save yourself time and possible headaches by having BBCS Payroll Service take care of things for you.

We also stand behind our services 100%, for added peace of mind.

Save Money

Save Money with our Payroll Company in West Lafayette, IN 

The entire payroll process can take up large chunks of your valuable time. You can take hours and days collecting the necessary paperwork, inputting it all and making sure it’s all accurate. Instead, you can use those hours to concentrate on running your business and leave your payroll needs to us.

We specialize in payroll and we’re experts at what we do. In addition, we can handle the entire process for you at a reasonable rate. The smart business move is to let BBCS handle every aspect of your payroll.

Our Guarantee

Our Payroll Guarantee

We guarantee that our tax reports and deposits will be on time and completely accurate. This is contingent on our being provided with accurate data and making sure that your bank accounts have the funds to cover all taxes.

Online Payroll

Online Payroll Services for West Lafayette, IN

You can have round the clock access to your payroll information, seven days a week.

BBCS includes an online payroll service at no extra charge. That allows your office manager, administrator and even yourself to have full access to an array of valuable information such as deductions, benefits and pay history.

You can be as hands on or off as you want. Input data yourself, or let us do it for you, the choice is yours. By accessing your payroll online, you can make changes on your time, in the comfort of your own home. Or, you can check on what we’ve entered for you.


Secure Online Access

With Online Payroll, you can do the following:


  • Pay your hourly, salary and 1099 employees with just a few clicks
  • Access to employee contact information
  • Stop direct deposit
  • See employee pay history and W-2 forms
  • View employee setup
  • Access to deductions and benefits
  • Make changes to wage rates, deductions and benefits
  • Inactivate terminated employees
  • Access to your payroll reports, for both you and your Accountant if you choose
  • Add pay types, deductions or benefits, notes, and countless other fields
  • Achieve 100% paperless payroll with ESS (Employee Self Service) access to enable employees to view pay stubs online


Time Clocks

Time Clocks

The biggest expense your company will have is labor costs. One way to stop time discrepancies and lower administrative costs is to implement an automated timekeeping system.

We’ve helped all sorts of companies across various industries with their employee time keeping requirements. Hotels, medical offices and retail stores, among others count on our services. No matter what industry your company is in, we can help you as well.

You can choose the time clock that best suits your company. We have technologically sophisticated biometric time clocks, simple punch in and out clocks and even a virtual Webclock that can be accessed online. With our Webclock you get the same timekeeping services as a physical time clock via your company’s computers.

All of our automated timekeeping systems are easy to use and integrate.

Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration

Easy file import into your accounting program

Our Accounting Integration option lets us create and import a file for you after every payroll cycle. All payroll related entries will be included, including check information for bank reconciliations. This will allow you to update your ledger with the simple click of a button.

Not only will you save loads of time, you’ll reduce the chance of input mistakes. You don’t have to spend hours painstakingly inputting data into your accounting system. Our one click system works with all of the major accounting systems, such as QuickBooks and Accounting CS. If you use a lesser known software, ask us about our customized imports, designed to work with just about any type of software.

Worker's Compensation

Workers' Compensation, West Lafayette, Indiana

Partnering with E-Comp is BBCS’ main insurance broker offering access to several of the top Work Comp carriers. Pay as you go workers comp insurance is a great way to lessen the burden of large up-front costs, painful yearly audits and can help even out your cash flow by paying throughout the year versus large estimated payments.

Payroll Tax Service

Payroll Tax Service for West Lafayette, IN

BBCS Payroll makes sure your company is in compliance. We are experts who are well-versed in all aspects of payroll. We take care of your business payroll and you concentrate on the hard work of running your business. Tax payments, tax filings, correspondence, we know them all.

Payroll is a vital part of any business. Let BBCS Payroll handle it for you. We’ll do a great job at a fair, reasonable rate. Your time is valuable, use it wisely tending to your business, not trying to figure out your company’s payroll.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us. We’ll answer your questions promptly, without making you wait or navigate your way through long telephone menus.. BBCS can provide you with a payroll professional, ready to help you and your business grow and succeed.


HR On-Demand, West Lafayette, Indiana

Serving the area of West Lafayette, BBCS Payroll Services has a 4.8/5 star rating 5 years running for our HR On-Demand. 98% of our current users would recommend us to a friend. Let us tell you why we have one of the best:

Unlimited Ask the Pro Consulting

You can ask any number of questions online or over the phone. Our HR Pros are ready to answer your questions with the level of expertise you want.


Custom Employee Handbooks

Not only will our HR Pros create an employee handbook but they will also update and review and current handbooks your organization might have. You will also receive a one-on-one consultation with one of our HR Pros to make sure that your business is safeguarded.

Up-to-the-Minute Ticket Tracker

When using our Ticket Tracker, you will always know where you stand in line. Your ticket will display the HR Pro assigned to your account as well as when it will be answered.


Custom Job Descriptions and HR Documents

We are prepared to accept all of your HR document needs. We will make sure that any documents are designed especially for your company. We can provide you letters and forms to make sure your company is protected.

Free Quarterly Harassment Prevention Training

Our training is designed to address unlawful harassment towards protected categories of race and disability. We also focus on your legal obligations as an employer as well as best practices for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.


HR Concierge Live Chat Assistance

Also included in your HR On-Demand program is our live chat feature: HR Concierge. This feature helps you identify any HR issues that you might have and how to handle them. You can always reach a member of our HR team with HR Concierge.

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"Just a quick word of praise about payroll with BBCS. I had my usual checklist-changes in pay rates, new 401k, etc. I input the updates and figured I'd have to ask for help, once the payroll preview came in. Nope-it was perfect! Your system is intuitive, and I couldn't be happier :)"

 - Peggy Jackson, CPA, Greater Lafayette Commerce

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