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Payroll Service

Payroll Service in Logansport, Indiana

BBCS Payroll is now serving the Logansport, Indiana area. Unlike larger companies with their automated phone attendants, our payroll service comes with the personal touch and flexibility you as a small business owner need and deserve; all while providing you the services and options you demand.

We specialize in payroll for the small business owner. BBCS Payroll strives to provide the very best service on a personal level to each and every customer. Offering the access and flexibility that larger companies simply cannot, this is why we say "Simple Solutions. Easy Paydays".

Providing services such as:
- Complete Payroll and Tax Preparation
- Online Payroll with Employee Self Service
- QuickBooks Integration
- Sage / Peachtree Integration
- Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation
- Certified Payroll Reporting
- 1099 payments and filing
- Custom Payroll Reporting



Payroll in Logansport, Indiana 

We serve a wide variety of clients in the greater Logansport, IN area.

BBCS Payroll offers affordable, easy to understand pricing. If you choose our basic plan, you get everything necessary to complete your payroll from start to finish.

You don’t pay extra for direct deposit, quarterly reports and Online Access, either. All of these features are included in the basic plan and give you access to the latest payroll technology.

We also offer a personal touch with our hands-on customer service. If you have any questions, we’re here to answer them for you. If issues do come up, such as tax compliance, we work to resolve them quickly, so you can concentrate on running your business, instead of worrying about your payroll.

If you need other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can customize a plan to meet your business’ particular needs.

Save Time

Save Time with our Logansport, IN Payroll Services 

BBCS Payroll strives to make sure all of your tax reports and deposits are accurate and on time. We handle every aspect from preparation to filing and providing you with copies for your own records.

Why spend hours figuring out taxes and deposits on your own? Or worry whether you completed everything correctly. Let us take care of all of your tax reporting and deposit requirements for you. Payroll is all we do, satisfaction guaranteed.

Avoid Penalties

Avoid Penalties

Federal, state and local income taxes codes are constantly changing. If you’re not up to date on the latest codes, you could end up making some very costly mistakes.

In fact, penalties and fines due to mistakes could cost you much more in the end than having your payroll done by the experts at BBCS Payroll in the first place.

We also offer a zero tax penalties guarantee: we guarantee that all of your taxes will be right and on time, or we cover any penalties or interest due to our error.

Save Money

Save Money with our Logansport, IN Payroll 

Payroll has become very complex in the last few years. There are so many forms, rules and regulations now that it could take you hours, if not days to figure it all out.

Since time really is money, especially in today’s hectic business environment, do you have the luxury to step away from your business to figure out your payroll?

At BBCS Payroll, we are payroll experts, using the latest technology to process your payroll quickly and accurately at a reasonable rate.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

At BBCS Payroll, we stand behind our payroll services. We promise to give you an accurate, on time payroll service with zero tax penalties, outstanding customer service and a seamless transition to our system.

You provide us with your company’s data and we do the rest.

If you’re concerned about switching to our system, we’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

You won’t be placed on hold or have to press an endless amount of buttons on your phone. We answer the phone personally and can answer your questions immediately or within an hour of your call.

Online Payroll

Online Payroll Service in Logansport, IN 

When you become our client, you receive access to our Online Payroll Services. This is the next generation in payroll for business owners, human resources administrators and office managers.

You don’t have to imagine the ability to access all of your payroll data from the comfort of your own home, or while on the go. Look up and/or make changes to employee contact information, benefits and pay history with the click of a mouse. You can do it all that and more with BBCS Payroll’s Online Payroll Services.

You can even go completely paperless with ESS, Employee Self Service access. This allows your employees to access and view their pay stubs online.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can make any changes yourself. Or, you can leave everything to us, the choice is yours.

As always, we’re here to answer your questions about incorporating and utilizing our Online Payroll Services to its fullest potential.

Secure Online Access

With Online Payroll, you can do the following:


  • Pay your hourly, salary and 1099 employees with just a few clicks
  • Access to employee contact information
  • Stop direct deposit
  • See employee pay history and W-2 forms
  • View employee setup
  • Access to deductions and benefits
  • Make changes to wage rates, deductions and benefits
  • Inactivate terminated employees
  • Access to your payroll reports, for both you and your Accountant if you choose
  • Add pay types, deductions or benefits, notes, and countless other fields
  • Achieve 100% paperless payroll with ESS (Employee Self Service) access to enable employees to view pay stubs online


Time Clocks

Time Clocks

By using our automated timekeeping services, you lessen the likelihood of human error and make the payroll process more seamless. It also eliminates the need for a payroll clerk or dedicated employee, who can instead concentrate on working on other aspects of your company’s business.

BBCS Payroll helps a wide variety of companies with their payroll needs. Everything from construction companies to medical offices count on us. We can help a such a wide range of business sectors because we offer so many features and solutions.

Our time clocks are excellent quality and use the latest technology. You can select a basic time punch system or a sophisticated biometric time clock. If you prefer an online clock, we offer a Webclock, which gives you all of the same features of our physical clock.

Our timekeeping systems aren’t intimidating to implement or use. All you have to do is decide on the best one for your company’s needs.

Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration with your Payroll

BBCS Payroll offers an Accounting Integration option. We develop and provide you with a file to import containing G/L entries, reconciliations, and any other customized options that your business requires for payroll services. The exact contents will depend on the accounting program your company uses.

The best part is: it couldn’t be any easier to update your general ledger. Just click your mouse and you’re done.

If you’ve spent hours keying in payroll data, you’ll be amazed by the convenience and ease of use that our Accounting Integration option can provide you with.

We can create a file that works with your software, including, but not limited to QuickBooks and Accounting CS. If your company uses lesser known software, BBCS Payroll can still offer you the Accounting Integration software option. Let us know the software you use, and we’ll create a custom import for you.

Pay As You Go Workers' Comp

Pay As You Go Workers' Comp

We mostly work with The Hartford Insurance. In addition, AP Intego, an insurance broker that offers coverage through an automated pay-as-you-go system offers quotes from several insurance providers, such as Travelers, CNA and AmTrust North America.

There’s no need to make one large payment upfront. Instead, you can pay your workers’ compensation insurance gradually throughout the year. And there’s no need to write out monthly checks or worry about missing a payment. We’ll automatically deduct the right amount every time we run your payroll and make sure it gets to your insurer.

There’s also no additional charge for using the insurance premium installment plan. Simply ask us to gather a few quotes, choose the best price and plan for your business, and we’ll do the rest.

With BBCS Payroll’s workers’ compensation insurance service, you don’t have to worry about late fees or having to set aside large amounts of money for premiums anymore.


Payroll Company in Logansport, Indiana

How E-COMP Can Help You

  • Single source access, multiple insurance companies
  • Ability to compete
  • Increase payroll sales and retention
  • It’s Easy – we do all of the work on your behalf

E-COMP Insurance Carriers

  • “A” Rated
  • Broad Appetite
  • Competitive Rates
  • Broker of Record changes
Payroll Tax Service

Payroll Tax Service

BBCS Payroll makes sure your company is always in compliance. By using our services, you can rest assured your payroll is being handled properly and professionally. We are payroll experts, it’s all we do and we do it well.

Leave the tax filings, payments and correspondence to us. You concentrate on the important job of running your business.

We’ll take care of all the details, such as reporting new hires to the appropriate agencies, generating reports for each payroll cycle and preparing all employee checks.

Among our other services are filing quarterly tax returns and providing detailed employee earnings ledgers per fiscal quarter.

BBCS Payroll will handle all of your year end payroll requirements, including filing your annual return.

No matter the size of your company, BBCS Payroll can handle every aspect of your payroll accurately and at a fair price.

Call us today to discuss your payroll options and get started.

HR On-Demand

Serving Logansport, Indiana, BBCS Payroll is committed to making sure that your needs are taken care of with our HR On-Demand program.

Unlimited Ask the Pro Consulting

You can ask our HR Pros as many questions as you want. We are always a phone call or a chat away. We are always here for you.


Custom Employee Handbooks

Your company deserves an employee handbook that is perfect for your specific company. If you already have one, one of our HR Pros will have a one-on-one consultation with you to make sure that your employee handbook is updated. Also, our HR Pro will make sure that your business is safeguarded and compliant with any and all laws.

Up-to-the-Minute Ticket Tracker

When you need to know the status of a question, you can use our Ticket Tracker to see which HR Pro was assigned to your question as well as an estimate of when an answer will be ready to you.


Custom Job Descriptions and HR Documents

A unique business deserves unique job descriptions and HR documents. We can work with you to create all HR document needs that are specific to your organization.

Free Quarterly Harassment Prevention Training

You can sign up for our interactive webinar that was created specifically for supervisors. We will teach your supervisors all about an employer’s legal obligations, best practices for preventing sexual harassment and unlawful harassment towards protected categories of disability and race.


HR Concierge Live Chat Assistance

HR Concierge is our spectacular live chat program. When you have an HR issue, we can get you the tools you need to take care of any problems. An HR Pro is always just a message away and ready to provide you with help.

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"Just a quick word of praise about payroll with BBCS. I had my usual checklist-changes in pay rates, new 401k, etc. I input the updates and figured I'd have to ask for help, once the payroll preview came in. Nope-it was perfect! Your system is intuitive, and I couldn't be happier :)"

 - Peggy Jackson, CPA, Greater Lafayette Commerce

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