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Kyle Berryman

Business Payroll Online Payroll in Delphi, IndianaKyle Berryman,

Payroll Specialist, Delphi, IN

Kyle started at BBCS in 2005 doing packaging and deliveries. He then progressed to entering clients reported time and data entry.  His responsibilities steadily increased and he now does payroll processing, customer implementation, custom reporting and sales. “I enjoy keeping up with technology and the latest gadgets. Plus I like finding better ways to do things.” Kyle even sometimes provides remote IT support to clients when they get stuck. 

Payroll has turned out to be the right fit for Kyle. “I enjoy the everyday challenges and figuring out ways to streamline processes and improve things. There are always some surprises in the day.” He prides himself on providing accurate and timely payroll and being very flexible to accommodate clients special needs.

Payroll Service

Payroll Service in Delphi, Indiana

BBCS Payroll serving Delphi, Indiana makes your business payroll easy! Unlike larger companies with their automated phone attendants, our payroll service comes with the personal touch and flexibility you as a small business owner need and deserve; all while providing you the services and options you demand.

How much is your time (or your payroll administrator's time) worth? If you add up all the time you would spend calculating checks, filing out tax forms, submitting payments, researching rules and might just find you would be money ahead.  Not to mention the relief of not having to process your payroll and make sure you are staying in compliance with the ever-changing rules and regulations.

One mistake can cost you big time.  For example, just paying one employee once early in the year actually requires the filing of over 20 different tax forms to 4 different tax agencies throughout the remainder of the year.  Miss just one of the filing deadlines or payment requirements and you could be paying both penalties and interest.  You have enough to do just running your business and taking care of you customers.

Payroll is what we do.  We have invested in software, hardware, training and personnel to insure that all of our customers receive the personal service they deserve.  So quit struggling and let the experts handle the stress for you.  Find out what "Simple Solutions. Easy Paydays." really means and contact us today!!



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Complete Payroll Service Delphi, Indiana

We serve clients throughout the Delphi, IN area.

At BBCS Payroll, we offer transparent pricing and straightforward plans. You can opt for several added options or go with our basic plan, which can easily meet you payroll needs.

You don’t have to spend a lot to have your payroll done professionally, accurately and in a timely manner.

Besides the obvious basics, such as processing and handling payroll taxes, we also offer our Online Access feature, direct deposit and quarterly reports, all at no extra cost.

Why spend hours, or even days trying to figure out sick days, quarterly taxes and all of the other components that go into doing your company’s payroll. With BBCS Payroll, you’ll have both time and peace of mind. Time to devote to running your company, and the peace of mind of knowing that your payroll is being done right.

Save Time

Save Time with Automated Payroll Services 

As a business owner, administrator or HR person, you have a lot to do every day. In today’s busy work environment, can you really afford the luxury of taking a large chunk of your day, or even days to handle your company’s payroll?

Let BBCS Payroll take care of it for you. We act as your delegated reporting agent, which means that we’re responsible for making sure all tax reports and deposits are accurate and on time.

Leave all of your company’s tax-related payroll tasks to us.

Avoid Penalties

Avoid Penalties

You may think that doing your own payroll services will save you money. But are you aware of the latest tax laws?

Tax laws are ever changing. At BBCS Payroll, payroll is all we do. Part of our job is making sure that we keep up with the latest laws and codes.

We’ll make sure your payroll taxes conform to the latest letter of the law, so that you aren’t hit with expensive penalties or fines.

The money you thought you were saving by doing your payroll yourself could end up costing you dearly.

Save Money

Save Money

At BBCS Payroll, all we do is payroll. That means we do it fast and we do it accurately. Because we use the latest software and technology, we can offer you the lowest rates.

Using our services will actually help your company’s bottom line. We make sure you’re in compliance and that all taxes have been paid accurately and on time.

Put your time to better use, let us handle your payroll for you. It’s the right business move.

Our Guarantee

Our Payroll Guarantee

At BBCS Payroll, we guarantee that all tax reports and deposits will be correct and filed in a timely manner. If you do receive correspondence from any of the tax bureaus, we take care of it for you, no questions asked.

With our guarantee, you don’t have to stress out about your company’s payroll taxes and whether they were done correctly.

In the event that there has been an error on our part, we’ll pay all fines or interest due. We stand behind our work at all times.

Online Payroll

Online Payroll in Delphi, Indiana

We offer Online Payroll Services, which gives you unlimited access to your company’s payroll and its data any time you want. It couldn’t be easier to see your personnel’s pay history, benefits, deductions and any other information you so desire.

You decide how hands on you want to be. You can input data yourself, or just check our work.

You might be surprised to learn that we don’t charge extra for this convenient option. It doesn’t cost you more to be able to check on something while on the go, or at home.

You can even go completely paperless, with our ESS feature (Employee Self Service). Let your employees see their pay stubs online instead of having to generate large amounts of paperwork every pay period handing them out. That saves you time, is better for the environment and is one less task for your HR employee or yourself to handle.

Secure Online Access

With Online Payroll, you can do the following:


  • Pay your hourly, salary and 1099 employees with just a few clicks
  • Access to employee contact information
  • Stop direct deposit
  • See employee pay history and W-2 forms
  • View employee setup
  • Access to deductions and benefits
  • Make changes to wage rates, deductions and benefits
  • Inactivate terminated employees
  • Access to your payroll reports, for both you and your Accountant if you choose
  • Add pay types, deductions or benefits, notes, and countless other fields
  • Achieve 100% paperless payroll with ESS (Employee Self Service) access to enable employees to view pay stubs online


Time Clocks

Time Clocks

With our automated timekeeping option, you can help streamline your company’s payroll process. You can choose from a simple clock in and out time clock or a more advanced biometric time clock. If you prefer to keep everything online, we also offer Webclock, to eliminate the need for a physical time clock.

Whichever option you choose, our time clocks are of the highest quality and use cutting edge technology.

Our automated timekeeping systems are being used by companies in various industries and business sectors. We’ve helped set up employers in everything from religious institutions to medical offices, among others.

We offer a tutorial video on how to use our various timekeeping systems and are always available to answer your questions and help with set up and usage.

Our automated timekeeping systems lower clerical costs and reduce the chance of human error greatly, making them a smart choice for any business.

Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration

Our Accounting Integration option is another powerful tool to help make handling your business payroll easier.

If you choose this option, we’ll create and give you a file to run after every payroll cycle. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you’ll be able to update your general ledger, no matter which accounting software you use.

Our file will help eliminate any input mistakes due to human error while saving you so much time. No more sitting and inputting payroll data into whichever accounting system you use.

BBCS Payroll’s accounting integration system lets you update everything in seconds.

We can create a file for any well known accounting software system, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. If you use a lesser known software, we can create a file for you as well.

Simply give us a call and let us create a custom file for you.

Pay As You Go Workers' Comp

Pay As You Go Workers' Comp

If you need to set aside a chunk of money every year for your workers’ compensation insurance premium, we can change that for you.

BBCS Payroll has partnered with The Hartford and AP Intego to offer our clients pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance. Working with these partners, we can provide you with quotes from several well known insurance carriers, such as Travelers. You decide on the best plan and pricing for you, and we do the rest.

Instead of having to cough up thousands of dollars up front, we’ll set up an installment plan and automatically bill you every payroll run. That makes for more manageable workers’ comp premiums, no check writing and no late payments.

By paying throughout the year, you increase your cash flow. Plus, you don’t even have to think about it, we deduct the right amount every month.


Advanced Payroll Service in Delphi, Indiana

How E-COMP Can Help You

  • Single source access, multiple insurance companies
  • Ability to compete
  • Increase payroll sales and retention
  • It’s Easy – we do all of the work on your behalf

E-COMP Insurance Carriers

  • “A” Rated
  • Broad Appetite
  • Competitive Rates
  • Broker of Record changes
Payroll Tax Service

Payroll Tax Service

Figuring out taxes is probably one of the most intimidating parts of trying to do your own payroll. BBCS Payroll makes sure your company is in compliance, be it at the municipal, state or federal level.

We take care of every single aspect of your company’s payroll taxes, during each payroll run, on a quarterly basis and at year’s end.

You don’t have to worry about filing numerous returns and forms, or figuring out tax deposits. We handle everything correctly and make sure all deadlines are met.

With BBCS Payroll you can concentrate on running your business and leave the job of taking care of your payroll to us.

We offer reasonable price plans, guarantee our work and are always available to answer your questions. Call us today to discuss the best options for your company. We’ll answer in a prompt, friendly manner.

HR On-Demand

Using our HR services, provides many benefits to your company's structure. We make HR departments' operations a breeze with these features that are at your fingertips 24/7.

Unlimited Ask the Pro Consulting

We mean it when we say "unlimited!" You can ask our HR Pros as many questions as you can think of without incurring any additional charges. This way, we can always offer you our expertise.


Custom Employee Handbooks

Each business is different and that’s why our HR Pros will make sure that your employee handbook is tailored to your organization. If you already have an employee handbook, one of our HR Pros will go over it with you in our one-on-one consultation to make sure your business is protected and compliant.

Up-to-the-Minute Ticket Tracker

With our Ticket Tracker, you will always have an estimate of when the HR Pro assigned will get around to answering your question. This way, you know that you aren’t being ignored.


Custom Job Descriptions and HR Documents

Not only can we make job descriptions, forms and letters specific to your company but we can take care of all of your HR document needs!

Free Quarterly Harassment Prevention Training

With our interactive webinar, we ensure that your supervisors are aware of an employer’s legal obligations and best practices for preventing sexual harassment. We also focus on the unlawful harassment of people of different races and those with disabilities.


HR Concierge Live Chat Assistance

What’s more convenient than having an HR Pro only a message away? With HR Concierge, our live chat feature, you can make sure that you have all you need to tackle any HR issues.

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Anytime we have a question or need something special you are there and have what we need at the drop of a hat. You have a personal touch that provides prompt, reliable and affordable service. I never have to wait. You go the extra mile and make sure everything is done on time & correctly. You take the time to understand what we need for our company and build around that. You guys are awesome.

 - Amy French, Lafayette, Indiana

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