Linda Berryman

Linda Berryman

Owner, Tax Compliance Expert


“I like balancing stuff, down to the penny.”  That passion for accuracy is what caused Linda to institute rigorous quality control measures at BBCS. Linda takes this personally, because BBCS is her business. She started it in 1997 and through hard work, determination and investment in software, equipment and staff, BBCS has seen a 100-fold increase in payroll volume. But Linda is quick to share credit with her employees. “It’s really a team effort.” 

The origins of BBCS’s success go back over 30 years ago, when Linda began working in the accounting department of a local law firm.

In 1997, Linda and her husband decided to dive deep into the world of full-time payroll, putting in many years of long hours. I had done payroll before, but it had gotten, and continues to get, more and more complex.” To get ramped up, Linda became a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP). “I enjoy this forever-changing industry. The challenge is to keep ahead and become more efficient. We’ve invested a lot of energy and resources to develop procedures, people and get good technology – and it’s paid off.” Because BBCS invested in specialized payroll software, they can handle nearly any type of payroll, specializing in working with the small business owner.
Linda’s primary role at BBCS is handling tax compliance. She ensures the timely and accurate submission of all necessary reports and tax deposits for her clients. She also takes care of resolving any issues that come up. “I like making my clients lives easier, and removing these tax compliance headaches from them, is a great way to do it.”
In 2007, BBCS moved into their current location on Veteran Memorial Parkway in the south end of Lafayette, IN. Linda is a member of the national American Payroll Association and the Lafayette APA chapter where she has served as president and vice president. She also belongs to Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Association of Woman Business Owners, Lafayette Daybreak Rotary and the Better Business Bureau.

Linda poured so much time into building her business that it didn't leave much room for hobbies; however today she enjoys spending time with family, quilting and reading. Linda and her husband, Glenn, live in Lafayette, just a couple minutes from the office.



Kyle Berryman

Kyle Berryman

VP, Business Development

“Around here, we like to say ‘not a problem!’” The customer-service focus, flexibility and nimbleness at BBCS enables them to respond to customer requests that way. Things were very different when Kyle worked at a large factory, prior to joining BBCS.

“I much prefer the small-business feel here at BBCS. We can react quickly to customer requests without going through all the bureaucracy I experienced other places.”


In addition to manufacturing, Kyle also has experience in direct sales. “That training helps me to relate and communicate to all types of people. I learned how to discover a customer’s needs and find appropriate solutions.” That is something he still does every day, now at BBCS. “I like the interaction with customers. They appreciate what we do because we make their days easier.”

Kyle started at BBCS in 2005 doing packaging and deliveries. He then progressed to entering clients reported time and data entry.  His responsibilities steadily increased and he now does payroll processing, customer implementation and because he is very tech-savvy, also handles much of their in-house IT work. “I enjoy keeping up with technology and the latest gadgets. Plus I like finding better ways to do things.” Kyle even sometimes provides remote IT support to clients when they get stuck. Kyle helped institute the advanced digital document management system BBCS uses. Everything BBCS receives from clients, government agencies and third parties is scanned and stored for easy retrieval. This digital paper trail is invaluable, for instance, in proving that the government misapplied a payment.

Payroll has turned out to be the right fit for Kyle. “I have a real knack for numbers. Plus I enjoy the every day challenges and figuring out ways to streamline processes and improve things. There are always some surprises in a day.” He prides himself on providing accurate and timely payroll and being very flexible to accommodate clients special needs. To further his training, Kyle returned to college. He is currently working towards Associate degrees in both Accounting and Business Administration at Ivy Tech.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys golf, cooking… and college. “Now that I’m actually using what I’m learning, it really means something to me." Kyle lives in Lafayette with his wife, son and two wiener dogs.

Micaela Lawson


Micaela graduated from Manchester College (now Manchester University) in 2012 with a BS in Management and Accounting and a minor in Psychology. She has worked in Bookkeeping with a small business, 5 years of management and customer service at a small ice cream place, and 2.5 years in Human Resources and customer service at a large retailer.

Micaela started with BBCS in early 2015. Her duties include processing payrolls, resolving payroll discrepancies by collecting and analyzing information, providing payroll information to clients by answering questions and requests, and many other day-to-day tasks to help make things easier for clients. In 2017 she earned her CPP (Certified Payroll Professional) designation from the American Payroll Association.

She and her husband Casey have 2 dogs: a yorkie mix Bandit and mutt Dozer. Micaela has enjoyed helping her father put on the Boone County mud bogs during the Boone County fair since 1998 and has also been crocheting since 2015.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. ~ Zig Ziglar

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Anytime we have a question or need something special you are there and have what we need at the drop of a hat. You have a personal touch that provides prompt, reliable and affordable service. I never have to wait. You go the extra mile and make sure everything is done on time & correctly. You take the time to understand what we need for our company and build around that. You guys are awesome.

 - Amy French, Lafayette, Indiana

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