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BBCS Payroll Services was started by Linda Berryman in 1997. It began as a small payroll company serving businesses only in the Lafayette, Indiana area. Through hard work, investment in software, hardware, training and personnel, BBCS has grown into a progressive, fast-growing firm that now processes payrolls for clients in 16 different states. We've accomplished this by maintaining our core belief that every client is important, and deserves personal attention. At BBCS Payroll Services we have not "outgrown" our ability or desire to provide exceptional service from caring human beings. Nor will we.


To enable us to handle a diverse range of clients from small to large, with simple to complex requirements, we've invested in advanced payroll service bureau software and equipment. This gives us incredible efficiency, accuracy, and capacity. We are every bit as capable as the big national firms (and a whole lot easier to work with). In addition, we have the sophisticated software and systems in place to ensure data security, reliability and efficiency, giving you peace-of-mind that your payroll will always be done, as promised.


We believe that providing our customers with the highest quality of service possible builds a relationship between our customers and staff with BBCS that cannot be rivaled. We prefer to do business with our customers on a personal level. We process special orders/request promptly and we typically resolve an issue in one phone call or email. When you call us you will speak with a “live” person, not a recorded menu. You will be speaking with someone who can actually help. We serve you with the utmost professionalism, yet in an accessible, friendly way.

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Anytime we have a question or need something special you are there and have what we need at the drop of a hat. You have a personal touch that provides prompt, reliable and affordable service. I never have to wait. You go the extra mile and make sure everything is done on time & correctly. You take the time to understand what we need for our company and build around that. You guys are awesome.

 - Amy French, Lafayette, Indiana

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